Blog / Things to Do the Day After an Auto Accident

Getting into an auto accident is traumatic, and can throw your life into confusion in the blink of an eye. In the middle of all the chaos, it can be easy to let some things slip through the cracks.

The day after you have been in an auto accident, there are some things you should do. This is true even if you feel perfectly fine: as we will see, some injuries are hidden and can take some time to become manifest.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have not done so already, you need to let your auto insurance company know about the accident. Even if it was the other driver’s fault, they should know. This is because if the other driver does not have insurance, your insurance company may be in the position—depending on your insurance policy and the laws of your state—to cover for your injuries.

If this happens, your insurance company will need to begin investigating the incident right away and possibly pursuing the other party for damages. As such, be sure you notify them.

Visit a Personal Injury Chiropractor in Phoenix

You need to see a chiropractor right away. You may resist this step, especially if you feel fine, but remember that the body is a funny thing. It is very possible to suffer an injury in a car accident, and still feel perfectly fine for days or even weeks after the event.

A car accident chiropractor in Phoenix will be able to examine you and find any evidence of soft-tissue injury. This is true even if you feel perfectly fine. And, as any doctor will tell you, the sooner you discover these types of injuries, the sooner you can start treating them.

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