Blog / Why Chiropractic Care Works After an Automobile Accident

Every year, millions of people are injured due to a car accident. In many of these accidents, the individuals involved are affected by long-term injuries and even disability. If you are in an automobile accident and not in immediate pain afterward, it is recommended that you seek chiropractic care to prevent issues long-term. Accident and injury chiropractic phoenix clinics offer quality treatments for a host of issues involving car accidents to ensure that patients live healthy lives.

When it comes to car accidents, there are many issues that can occur. Whiplash, back strain, scar tissue and so much more can affect the body. A neck injury car accident phoenix problem can result in long-term issues if not treated correctly. A chiropractor will provide the necessary adjustments to help you on the path to recovery. Read on to find how why this treatment type works so you can avoid any long-term injuries after an automobile accident.

Injuries That are Not Obvious

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident knows that there will be injuries that you will see right away. Cuts and bruising are common issues that show up pretty fast after an accident. However, there are also injuries that will occur that you may be unaware of for several days and even weeks. One instance of this is whiplash. Immediate symptoms may not be present that reveal whiplash and it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for such symptoms to appear. Because of this time frame delay, many individuals do not associate their symptoms with the car accident.

It is important to provide care for whiplash early on so that you avoid any long-term pain or discomfort due to the issue. By visiting a chiropractor right after an accident, a diagnosis of whiplash can be made, and treatment started before any pain occurs. Common symptoms of this issue include being dizzy, soreness in the neck, headaches and blurred vision.

Mobility Restored

Common symptoms after a car accident include soreness and feeling stiff. The muscles and joints of the body can become stiff and this will inhibit the normal movement of the body. A chiropractor can help to restore mobility of patients by regaining the full motion of the body before scar tissue is able to develop. With an adjustment, the mobility of the spine is improved which helps to see blood flow increase and the injured area healed at a faster rate.

Avoiding Medication

One of the big benefits of chiropractic treatment is being able to avoid medication. For many car accident victims, the pain associated with injuries is just too much. Pain medication is needed which can lead to addiction. Many prescription medications for pain are highly addictive. To avoid having to take pain medication, chiropractic care can help. With pain management provided by a qualified chiropractor, you will not have to use prescription medications that could become addictive.

With the natural healing method of chiropractic care, the muscles are strengthened, blood flow is increased, and the pain is subsided. You will find that the spinal adjustment helps to improve your overall health and lowers the amount of pain you feel due to injury.

Preventing Long-Term Chronic Pain

A car accident can lead to a minor injury and without treatment, this issue can become a major problem. For many accident victims, an injury can have symptoms that last for years if not treated properly from the time of the accident. With quality chiropractic care, you are able to see your injuries treated correctly from the very beginning. This will help you to avoid any long-term issues in the future, providing a better overall quality of health for many years to come.